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Blast From the Past: HackIt!

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Blast From the Past: HackIt! is a short overview of an exploit framework designed and implemented by CAU in 1997 with some comparisons drawn between it and HD Moore's Metasploit Framework.

2006.10.25 - Austin Hackers Association

DisAsterisk Sneak-Peek

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A colleague and I's newest project, DisAsterisk, is an exercise in leveraging Asterisk, other open source software, and our own custom code to create useful tools for VoIP security research. I'll briefly describe the Asterisk extension module API, cover what we've developed so far, and list our future goals for the project.

2007.05.12 - ToorCon Seattle (Beta)

Media Injection

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RTP audio injection, how the attack works, and a demo of some injection tools from researchers at SecureLogix that I've improved.

2007.05.30 - Austin Hackers Association

Metasploit Framework Telephony

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An important attack vector missing in many penetration testing and attack tools available today is the tried-and-true telephony dialup. With the recent surge in popularity of VoIP connectivity, accessing such attack vectors has become both cheap and easy. Using the new Metasploit telephony components, users are now able to both scan for and dial up directly to telephony-accessible exploitation targets.

2009.08.01 - DEFCON 17
2009.07.29 - BlackHat USA 2009

My Handle

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An overview of my /<-r33t handle, "I)ruid", it's origin, some case studies on what types of systems it's broken entirely by itself since inception, and then some tips on how you TOO can r33t1f13 your own handle.

2008.04.18 - ToorCon Seattle 2008
2007.05.30 - Austin Hackers Association

Sender Policy Framework

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Introduction to Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for e-mail.

2006.09.27 - Austin Hackers Association

Wiimote Hacking

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An overview of the Wiimote hardware, it's BlueTooth HID interface, and a tool called GlovePIE which can be used to script for the Wiimote and which abstracts away all of the lower-layer details into a nice object-oriented scripting language.

2007.06.27 - Austin Hackers Association

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