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agnomaly is a test-suite daemon designed to create random or pre-defined network anomalies within your test environment for use in application stress-tests, network device acess-control and resiliency tests, and other tests.

Bibliotheca Druidica

Library of publicly available and/or copyright free Information Security books and documents.


DisAsterisk is an Asterisk plug-in which implements many functions useful to security researchers and quality assurance engineers. Some functions include VoIP protocol fuzzers and an implementation of steganRTP.

Druidic Firewall (DFW)

IpTables / OpenS/WAN based firewall management utility.


GPGuess is a GPG/PGP key-pair passphrase brute forcer. It attempts to guess a key pair's passphrase by performing a signing operation using the target key on some arbitrary data until the correct passphrase is found.


hcovert is a steganographic communications tool used to create a covert channel using a HTTP GET request to convey it's message to a webserver and webserver log parsing to retrieve the message. This tool will both send as well as recieve messages.


hcraft is a HTTP systems penetration testing framework designed to make exploitation of known vulnerabilities in HTTP systems a dynamic, simple process.


OpenS/WAN based site/tunnel management

Metasploit Project

Metasploit provides useful information to people who perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research. This project was created to provide information on exploit techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers and security professionals


PageIt! is a mass paging tool that was developed as a proof of concept for an article in the Spring 1996 issue of 2600 Magazine.


slacker is a slackware pkgtool package management assistant. It was primarily designed to allow you to automatically keep your system up to date by periodically checking the 'patches' directory on the slackware ftp site for your installed version.


SteganRTP is a steganography tool which establishes a full-duplex steganographic data transfer protocol utilizing Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP) packet payloads as the cover medium. The tool provides interactive chat, file transfer, and remote shell access.

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