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PageIt! - Mass Paging Utility

PageIt! is a mass paging tool that was developed as a proof of concept for an article in the Spring 1996 issue of 2600 Magazine.


Stego/Crypto Hunt Challenge Dark Side Clue #1 Reward: Here's a fun little trick to hiding files on a multi-partition system:

On a system with multiple partitions mounted at various directory mountpoints throughout the filesystem, if you unmount one of the partitions, store your data in the directory used as the mountpoint (or an even harder one to find under that mountpoint), then re-mount the partition that is expected at that location, most people will never find your files unless they are looking for them really hard.

Yes, I know, kinda lame for a reward, but it's only your first one! And as I mentioned, rewards will improve the farther along the path you go...

Stego/Crypto Hunt Challenge Dark Side Clue #2:

Target: Imbedded clue within a webpage.
Action: Find the webpage, determine how the clue is imbedded, and retrieve the clue along with your second reward.
Clue: The page is contained within the scope of CAU's primary website.

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